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VoipLip Callback.

Main Benefits of VoipLip Callback:

No more need to be in front of your PC to place calls.
You can make international calls from any phone in the world.
Your phone company credits remains unused, as long as you avoid roaming*.
All you need is a term-free mobile service with only 1 € credit from any operator to use VoipLip callback.
The costs of your communications are automatically drawned from your prepaid VoipLip account.

Step 1 : Sign-up to VoipLip and buy some calling credits.
Wait for the email : "VoipLip login". This message tells you your VoipLip account has been actived and contains your final username.

Step 2 : Add your fix or mobile phone number to you personal profile. You can also add any phone number you might want to use with your VoipLip credit.

From your VoipLip account, go through the left side column on the page :
"Local Access Number" --> "Configure" --> "Add Number"
Add your phone number, thus authorizing its use with VoipLip. Your phone number must be entered with an international format beginning with + or 00.
You can easily add (or delete) many numbers to your VoipLip account.


Step 3 : Launch the callback procedure! Pick up your newly added phone and dial one of the following 2 number:

  • 00 44 20 33 18 92 25 (United Kingdom, free call when not answered)
  • 00 31 10 74 49 998 (Netherlands, free call when not answered)

Your phone number cannot be hidden. This call is free because nobody actually picks it up. You will get a vocal message in english, then the line will hang-up. Make sure you hang-up too.

Step 4 : After about 1 minute, VoipLip will call you back on your phone. Pick it up and you will have the VoipLip line on your phone. This incoming call is charged to your prepaid VoipLip account with our custom rate to your phone destination.

Step 5 : After the english message and the bip tone, dial the phone number you want to reach using the 00... international format. End with # to validate your call.

Step 6 :In seconds, you will be talking with your correspondant.
What you pay here is the communication on the two side: incoming to your phone and outgoing towards the number you're reaching. Both rates are added for your total cost.
Nothing is charged by your phone operator, as long as you're not using your phone roaming* feature.

*About roaming : be careful when using your phone for callback from a foreign country, your operator might be charging your roaming fees. To escape this additional cost, make sure you are using a local mobile line from the country you're in. For example : if you are in France use a fix or mobile phone from France. Same goes for England, Senegal and so one...

The VoipLip callback feature only works through the two numbers shown above: 00 44 20 33 18 92 25 and 00 31 10 74 49 998.
From some countries, you can also use local access number to the VoipLip service. Be careful not to confuse both features, as the local access numbers are not callback numbers and will be charged from your operators' account.
See more information about non-callback Local Access Numbers ».